OLYMPIC Sports Psychologist Performance Coach reveals her Secret System

"How to Get Hired by World Class Professional Athletes,
Build your Sports Psychology Coaching Business,
Get Access to Leading Edge Mental Training,
Certification for Peak Performance"

Tuesday July 16, 2024

Dear Fellow Athlete/Coach/Entrepreneur:

Hi I’m Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, champion athlete, licensed clinical psychologist from Stanford University Medical Center, sports psychologist to 5 OLYMPIC Gold Medalists, and #1 Best-Selling author of “Your Performing Edge,” featured on Oprah, and I want to talk to you about your practice/business with athletes.

Dr. Denis Waitley

US OLYMPIC Committee,
Sports Medicine Council
Star in the Movie “THE SECRET”

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  • If you’ve ever struggled trying to work with athletes
  • If you want to build your practice or business, doing what you love to do >> sports
  • If you want to make a good living doing Peak Performance – Sports Psychology Coaching
  • If you want to gain the CREDIBILITY you need to attract high-quality CLIENTS

fade-leftfade-rightThis may be the most important letter you will ever read!

Learn from the performance coach that many OLYMPIC Gold Medalists rely on as she shows you how to duplicate her success

Would you like to:

  • Do performance sports psychology coaching?
  • Build a thriving peak performance practice?
  • Make a strong, secure income realizing your passion?

“…State-of-the-art Peak Performance Coach Certification."

"Dr. JoAnn... the Olympic Sports Psychologist that I trust!”


Michael Phelps


“22 Olympic Medals – I learned 9 Life Lessons”

…interviewed by Dr. JoAnn for the Your Performing Edge Book

Get Access to the Complete System
that will allow you to:

  • Build a lucrative business/practice doing what you’re passionate about

    Gain credibility you need to Coach athletes of all levels of performance

  • Get private mentoring from one of the World’s Premier Sports Psychologists, a top athlete, and licensed Clinical Psychologist
  • REFERRALS for YOU – Work side-by-side with high level athlete clients
  • TV appearances highlighting your work with champions
  • LISTING on our Coach Association Website – You are Highly In-Demand
  • A Proprietary BLUEPRINT for your performance practice success – Based on 30 yrs. experience successfully working with athletes at every level, sport, and challenge
  • Join OLYMPIANS and coaches taking this upcoming course to enhance their own performance coaching skills
  • Become a # 1 Best-Selling Author, Professional Speaker, Media Expert = Lucrative speaking engagements
  • Be part of an Elite Group of Certified Coaching Professionals with a full Global Coaching Practice , no travel needed

Become a Certified Performing Edge Coach


Stacy Dragila

Pole Vault

Watch NBC’s interview at the London Olympics with Dr. JoAnn working with her Olympian athlete.

“Dr. JoAnn has had her athletes at the last 5 Olympic Games, and they have won 5 Olympic Gold Medals!” – NBC Sports Commentary, Raj Mathai

You may be an athlete, a coach, a health-fitness trainer, a psychologist/therapist, a sports medicine professional, a CEO, an entrepreneur, or you may be in another profession looking to add new skills to your toolbox or wanting a sports psychology career change.

Maybe you’re looking for some professional guidance…

to help you build your successful peak performance practice

and attract more clients than you know what to do with?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Inside the Performing Edge Coach Training System, you’ll have instant access to my Private Consulting and close Over-the-Shoulder training which includes the latest:

“Dr. JoAnn helped me to mentally prepare and become an Olympian!”


Dorron Blumberg

Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional
  • Leading-Edge Coaching Tools

    WORKBOOK with Mental Training Exercises

    Video Tutorials and Training Templates

  • Athlete Assessments and Checklists
  • Visualization MP3s for your clients
  • Case Studies – Handling Difficult Clients
  • Business Building Tools – Phone Scripts
  • A Complete System for your Client

All with my special insights and professional expertise you cannot get anywhere else.

“Dr. JoAnn’s Performing Edge Program helped me become an OLYMPIAN”

– Stacy Dragila, OLYMPIC GOLD

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Sports Performance Psychology Coaching and Certification Book for mental training with Athletes at all levels, for confidence, focus, and peak performance

This training program will give you all the tools to improve your own confidence as you become an in-demand performance coach with a thriving business.

“...Absolutely the best investment I’ve ever made! With the skills I learned in this program, I was able to quit my job, and make a good living doing Sports Psychology Coaching.”


Misty Hyman

Swimmer, 200 Meter Butterfly

“The Your Performing Edge program helped me to become a confident Olympic Athlete!” “I worked successfully with Dr. JoAnn for 4 years.”

So what makes Performing Edge Coaching UNIQUE ??

It’s built around the real world training and mental toughness strategies I’ve personally developed and used to Win the San Francisco Marathon and become 2nd woman in the World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.

Watch ABC-TV Sports Coverage of Dr. JoAnn’s World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon.


Amy Haller

Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional

“I use sports psychology to visualize where I’m going to be in each part of the Ironman.”

I’ve then gone on to use these same strategies while coaching many professionals, and

Olympic athletes to Gold Medals. Now….I’ll teach YOU how to can apply these same techniques for YOUR own performance sports psychology coaching program….for your own athletic clients.

During our time together in the Performing Edge Coach Certification program we’ll be continually:


“Dr. JoAnn, I can’t tell you how happy I am that I chose your PECI program. I feel I am training under the best possible expert in this sports psychology performance field. You’ve been doing this yourself for 30 years, and you know how to lead us to duplicate your success. I am now bringing in a steady stream of new high quality coaching clients”

  • In-depth coaching experience and feedback personally from me

    Specialized Skills – How to create Custom MP3 Visualization audios for your athletes

  • Expert BUSINESS advice to Attract a Steady stream of highly motivated athlete clients
  • Live Consulting Calls >> Get all your questions answered for coaching, business, marketing
  • Ongoing Support with our coaching-business website and coach mentoring calls
  • Performing Edge global community of professional coaches >> Networking

Your Performing Edge Coach Certification is the perfect balance of elite training, with tools you can use right away, combined with personal interaction with other coaches, It’s your own coach training program, customized for your specific needs.


Ivana Hong

US OLYMPICS gymnastics team, alternate

Swimmer, 200 Meter Butterfly

"I worked with sports psychologist Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter and her Your Performing Edge method, I made the US OLYMPICS gymnastics team as first alternate. And I got a 4-year full-ride SCHOLARSHIP to Stanford University!”

Bottom Line…..What Will I Get
from this Program?

As a Stanford University trained sports psychology expert whose been working with amateur athletes all the way to Olympic gold medalists, I’ll teach you exactly how YOU….and your clients… can reach Your Performing Edge when you combine the physical elements of your training with the Power of YOUR mind.

You’ll have Access to the Complete
Step-by-Step Blueprint…

  • You’ll first learn to use the Performing Edge system to improve YOURSELF

    You’ll then learn how to coach your clients using this PECI method

  • You’ll gain all the tools to build/promote your profitable coaching business
  • You’ll learn many ways to create Recurring Passive Income for life
  • You’ll reach your athlete-coaching goals and generate solid revenue quicker than you imagined

Brian Alderson

Professional Golfer Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional


Early Bird Discount Deadline will end soon – apply now!

You’ll receive an interview and free strategy session by phone.

Have questions?

Click here to email me directly.


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“Golfers often pay their sports psychology coaches 10% of their pro golf earnings, I know from my personal experience as a Pro Golfer"


What’s the Course Curriculum?

  • Module 1: Performing Edge Coaching Principles:

  • Unique Benefits of Performing Edge Coaching – Sports Psychology
  • Performing Edge Principles – Giving you an Edge over the Competition
  • Athlete Case Study – “Look over my Shoulder” Behind the Scenes
  • 15 Ways to Make Recurring Income with Coaching & Your Product line
  • Visualization Exercise – Your Thriving Coaching Business
  • Module 2: Essential Tools of the Trade

  • 3 P’s of Performing Edge Coaching
  • Positive Images – Power Words – Present Focus
  • Performing Edge Coaching Principles – Part 2
  • Overview of PEC Coaching Process
  • Athlete Case Study – Recovering from Sports Surgery
  • Visualization Exercise – Using Your Senses
  • Module 3: Performing Edge Coaching Model

  • How to Structure your Coaching Program
  • Structuring each Coaching Session
  • Assessment: Working with your Practice Client
  • Gathering your material to make your MP3 file for your client
  • Marketing: Building your Business with E-Books and Articles
  • Module 4: Visualization – Creating Custom Mental Training MP3s for your Clients

  • Coaching with the 3 P’s of Your Performing Edge
  • Visualization Process: How to create an Imagery MP3 from Start to Finish
  • Pre-Assessment Form: How to gain the best information from your clients
  • Imagery Process: Taking your client through the full imagery experience
  • Post-Assessment: Debriefing afterward – Learning, reflection and action
  • Converting Inquiries to High Paying Clients: Getting them to say yes
  • Module 5: Visualization Process Review and Perspective – Part 2

  • Case Study – What to say to prospective clients on the phone
  • Working with Client Responses after their Visualization Experience
  • Topics for your Visualization Exercises
  • Mistakes Coaches Make – What to do Differently
  • Dealing with Challenging Client Issues
  • Creating MP3 files with Audacity
  • Marketing -Business Training: How to Grow your Coaching Practice
  • How to get Free Tech help with High School/College Students
  • Module 6: How to Convert Questions into Clients

  • The First Conversation – Turning Inquiries into Clients
  • Visualization Critique of your MP3 audios
  • Confidence Tools
  • Focusing Tools
  • Module 7: Marketing and Filling your Peak Performance Coaching Practice:

  • How to market to athletes even with sports you don’t do – How to look professional
  • Interviewing athletes and coaches – How to get your foot in the door
  • Testimonial Formula – How to get great testimonials from your Clients
  • Social Media– Using Social Media to market and skyrocket your business
  • Video Marketing – How to film and upload videos for free
  • Script for your Videos – How to structure them and what to say
  • Article Marketing – Writing for 2 sets of eyes (for humans and search engines)
  • Facebook and Twitter – How to Find athlete clients for your practice
  • Gatherings – Going to sport events or expos, networking and speaking at events
  • Timeline for Coaching Session – Breaking session into segments
  • Pricing: How to set up a Pricing Structure for your coaching program
  • Coaching and payment Models – What works and what doesn’t
  • Re-purposing your Material – Work once, get paid many times for the same material
  • Module 8: Business Development Training/Marketing:

  • Marketing on Shoestring Budget
  • How I Rank #1 on Google/YouTube, with no cost
  • Injured Athletes and Healing – Case Study of a World Record Holder
  • How to Position Yourself – The magic words that draw clients to you
  • Big News Publicity – How to be the Expert in Athlete Current Events
  • How to Get Technical Help -Free or Low Cost
  • Coaching Contract – Nuts and Bolts
  • Ethics – Setting Boundaries
  • Timeline for Coaching Session – Breaking session into segments
  • Pricing: How to set up a Pricing Structure for your coaching program
  • Coaching and payment Models – What works and what doesn’t
  • Ethics – Setting Boundaries

“I’ve personally experienced Dr. JoAnn’s training in my life, and she can definitely help you reach a higher level in your career.”

– Jack Canfield, co-author, “Chicken Soup for the Soul” Over 150 Million sold and star in the hit movie “THE SECRET”

Ongoing Mentoring, Training, and Certification

  • Set up your Sales System
  • Rapid Content Creation – To bring in clients
  • Set up a Private Protected area on your Website
  • Get found by the Search Engines – Free Social Media Marketing tools
  • Olympians – How to work with top athletes
  • Professional athletes – How to attract pro athlete clients
  • Olympics – My experience working at the London Olympic Games
  • Media Expertise – Getting on TV – promoting your coaching practice
  • #1 Best-Selling Author – How to become one
  • Selling your book on Amazon – Kindle
  • And many, more key topics as you request them ……..

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY of Performing Edge Coaching Professionals!

If you would like to build a successful practice working with athletes or fitness oriented clients at many levels, who are motivated, intelligent, and inspiring, or you want to maximize your clients’ potential, or if you would like to move into the area of performance sports psychology coaching, you may have the opportunity to Become a Certified Performing Edge Coach!

You will be personally trained by myself, one of the world’s leading Sports Psychologists,

with several Olympic Gold Medalist clients who has worked on-site at the last 5 Olympic Games, as a Licensed Clinical Psychologist.

You will learn how to work behind the scenes in preparation for major competitions and for athletes at all levels.

The Performing Edge Coaching Professional Certification provides powerful strategies to give athletes a leading edge for consistently improving their performance. Our program offers a broad spectrum of exclusive benefits.

So What do I do Next?

  • I invite you to Join us!….. Apply to take part in the Performing Edge Coach training program now,
    (No payment needed to apply).
    You may also ASK us YOUR QUESTIONS and send us an email about your background here:
    info @ drjoann.com

You can Apply by sending us an Email with your background OR

Click the Red Apply Button and fill out the simple application at the bottom of this letter. Once you apply, we’ll contact you within 24 hours for a brief 15 min. phone interview so we can better understand your goals, and see if you’re a good fit for our coach certification course. We’ll review your information and we will notify you right away. It’s generally a short turn around time.

As soon as you are accepted, and you come on board….

you’ll have instant access to all the Members-only private consulting calls, video training,

audio coaching, templates, client case studies, workbooks, powerful mental training exercises, articles and self-assessments.

You’ll have everything you need to help you become a confident…. focused…. effective Performing Edge Coaching Professional….

so you can build a thriving, lucrative Peak Performance practice…..and create a healthy lifestyle.

You can help your clients feel good, and perform their best throughout their lives.

I’ve been working with Olympic and professional athletes the majority of my career and now it’s YOUR TURN – for us to work together.

So go ahead and fill out the no cost application at the bottom of this letter.

DEADLINE is SOON: We’ll contact you within 24 hours of receiving your application.

Once you’re in the program,

We’ll be with you all the way…. helping you

to become a confident…. certified…. Performing Edge Coaching Professional

where you can achieve all your career and lifestyle goals……See you on the inside!


Early Bird Discount Deadline will end soon – apply now!

You’ll receive an interview and free strategy session by phone.

Have questions?

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To APPLY send an EMAIL with your Background to:

joann @ sports-psych.com

Early Bird Discount Deadline ends soon –

Have Questions?…….Here’s Details about the PECI Coach Certification Program

Learn the proven Performing Edge Coaching System used to train OLYMPIC and Professional Athletes in Mental Toughness.

This method has been used by over 100,000 clients in 6 continents, over 30 years with athletes and business executives.

Join us! Performing Edge Coaching International Certification Program with Licensed Psychologist, Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter

Champion Athlete and Coach to 5 OLYMPIC Gold Medalists

Expert on NBC-TV Olympics, OPRAH, ABC, BBC, Fox News

How does the PECI Program Work?

  • TRAINING: To be trained as a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional (PECP), takes 8 weeks for level one group training, or 12 weeks for the One-on-One

training program . We will meet once a week for a telephone consultation. In addition to weekly learning sessions, there will be approximately 15-25 hours of homework assignments, which include reading materials, client/athlete evaluations and application of skills based upon actual client/athlete situations

HANDS-ON EXPERIENCE: During this program, you will work with real athletes, receive case studies, get hands-on experience in dealing with real-life challenges and receive written articles, assessments, and develop treatment plans to ensure that you have the tools necessary to be an effective Performance edge coach.

LISTING for REFERRALS: By the end of the program, (when you have completed all requirements for graduation, (including passing the certification essay exam,) you will receive a certification seal from Performing Edge Coaching International as a certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional and you will be able to use the PECP title and Certification Seal and earn a listing for client REFERRALS on our Performing Edge Coaching International Association website as a certified PECP coaching professional.

What Tools and Techniques will I have Access to?

  • YPE Comprehensive Learning System – A Step-by Step Coaching Training Program How to do Your Performing Edge Coaching with a variety of client types

How to apply YPE coaching techniques to Enhance your Practice or Business
Performing Edge assessment tools
Use of the Performing Edge Athlete Profile to help you identify an athlete’s or team’s mental game strengths and weaknesses
The YPE workbook including exercises to teach you how to identify athlete roadblocks and obstacles that influence performance, develop mental skills, and improve teamwork and communication

  • 12 real-life case studies focusing on a various challenges in sports psychology and Dr. JoAnn demonstrating how to coach each athlete
  • Marketing tools – An entire system specific to sports psychology so you can be found
  • Business building tools – Social Media Training
  • Performing Edge Templates for every part of your business
  • Checklists for tracking goals, client homework, and assessments
  • Specific handouts for coaching with the Your Performing Edge method
  • Training on Speaking at seminars to gain new client referrals
  • A binder of Performing Edge articles
  • Client session forms
  • Post-Event assessments
  • Examples of pre-program questionnaires you can use before you give a seminar
  • A list of books, audios, and other resources you can purchase to enhance your mental game coaching knowledge
  • Membership in Performing Edge Coaching International Association and access to the Private Members area of the website with all member benefits

What Tools and Techniques will I have Access to?

  • PECIA Certification, Membership & Ongoing Mentoring Program

Once you complete the Performing Edge Coaching System intensive course, you will be able to present yourself to the market as a Certified Performing Edge Coaching Professional® and be listed on the PECIA website for referrals as a certified member of the Performing Edge Coaching International Association. This added feature gives you greater credibility and a competitive edge on the market.

This includes your right to use PECIA membership logos in all of your marketing materials. It also includes membership in our exclusive PECIA elite coaching group, where you can attend our regular Live consulting calls, get your questions answered, and exchange ideas with our members. You get unlimited access to the wealth of materials on the PECIA website. You retain this membership, certification, the consulting calls, ongoing support, and right to use the logos as long as you remain a member of Performing Edge Coaching International Association.

Includes: Two Elite Consulting Calls per Month = Mentoring & Training

You’ll get free access to our live Members-only PECIA Seminars. Twice per month I personally conduct a private teleconference to help you improve your Performing Edge Coaching, grow your business and your marketing skills. I offer you very personal mentoring and attention for your exact needs.

Can’t attend live? Miss a teleseminar? You’ll be able to ask your questions in advance as well as Access all recordings of the Teleconferences on the PECIA members-only website!

Includes: Premium Listing on our PECIA Association website for Referrals

The website gets thousands of visitors looking for you and your business. We feature your website, bio, your products-services, your specialty areas, and contact information.

Includes: Get High Quality Clients – Action Plan = Recurring Income

Get the behind-the-scenes coaches notes and “Get Clients Action Plan.” Hours of coaching supplement training to further hone your already professional coaching skills and teach you how to get more rewarding coaching clients easily, who are high level, enjoyable to work with, and stay with you longer.

Includes: PECIA Private Website Knowledgebase Access

You get unlimited access to the PECIA Private Website – Members Only area. We have a Huge growing Library of training resources – including course materials, assessments, video training, coaching audios, business building tools, athlete exercises, templates, client phone scripts, visualization MP3 files, case studies, performance profiles, and a wealth of in-depth training to build your coaching business.

Every Teleconference I conduct, every question I answer for our members, and every recommendation I make is posted to our vast PECIA Knowledgebase. Plus over 30 years of coaching-business strategies and educational materials I’ve developed are in the members’ area. And we’re always adding more. Search, read, view and listen to both the marketing and coaching sections as much as you want! It’s all there for you.

Includes: Customizable Templates, Assessments, Exercises = Coach Toolbox

No need to re-invent the wheel! We’ve got dozens of documents and resources we’re adding every week to the Private members-only website that will shorten the learning curve and save you time in the development of your coaching business. If we don’t have what you’re looking for on our PECIA members-only website, we’ll get it for you! (within reason, of course).

Includes: Valuable Email Coaching = Mentoring & Support

You’ll be able to ask your questions through email to enhance your progress. You’ll get personalized feedback on your coaching we’ll answer your questions, provide encouragement and offer training and support. In short, we’ll model the training you’ll be providing to your clients.

Includes: Global Elite Community of Coaches

As a member of PECIA you are part of our International community of Performing Edge Coaching Professionals. You can share ideas and you continue to get ongoing training and support. You can always get the help you need to be successful.

Includes: Access to Leading Experts in Performance & Social Media Marketing

You will receive ongoing training from Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter and other leading edge experts on our Teleseminars and Consulting calls, getting professional advice so you can increase your confidence, avoid costly mistakes and succeed in your coaching business much more quickly. We’ll be doing interviews with OLYMPIANS, and marketing-business experts.

Includes: Customizable PECIA Workbook – Coach/Client Lesson Plans

Over 30 years of careful workmanship has gone into this client and coach guide. We’ll be adding elements each month. We’ll show you how you can customize the manual to include your branding and to prepare your clients to learn about other products and services you offer.

Includes: Blueprint – Become a Published Author, Pro Speaker, Media Expert

Premium Training and experience in how to become a highly paid speaker, published author, and media correspondent so you can charge higher coaching fees, and be the in-demand expert in your industry. I’ve spoken for audiences of 10,000, I’ve been on Oprah and NBC-TV Olympics, and I can teach you how you can duplicate my success – all the behind-the-scenes strategies I’ve learned that can get you to exactly where you want to be.

What are the Requirements to Get Started?

  • Experience as an athlete, coach, therapist, or trainer in your area of expertise; or advanced degree in psychology or counseling psychology;

  • Personal understanding of the psychological demands of your sport
  • A desire to learn about Your Performance Edge and sports psychology coaching
  • Ability to utilize and apply what you learn to real-life sport situations
  • Have access to athletes, individual clients, or a colleague or a team you can work with or train
  • Good communication skills

What are the Benefits once I am Certified?

  • When you achieve the high level of PECI Certified Performing Edge Coach you will be entitled to these benefits and services as long as you maintain PECI certification

(This is a $10,000 value)

REFERRALS: A listing on PerformanceEdgeCoach.com as a Certified Performance Edge Coaching Professional in which you are eligible to receive referrals for clients and speaking engagements in your area of expertise. Active referrals of interested individuals searching for a Certified PECP Coach – available through the PECI website

CREDENTIALS: Certificate of completion as a Certified PECP Coach

SUPPORT & CONTINUING EDUCATION: Ongoing support and tips through our website, to provide continuing education, keys on trends and advice on implementation of coaching in difficult situations

ACCESS to ONGOING RESOURCES: Access to Dr. JoAnn for questions via email on coaching questions, and discounts on our Performing edge tools, resources, and more

AFFILIATES: The right to become an Affiliate and make a consistent income just by providing your unique Affiliate link on your website to the Performing Edge Coach Certification program.

LICENSE to ADVERTISE: Right to advertise as an PECP certified coach

What Specific Components and Topics will I Learn and Practice?

  • The curriculum is customized within each PECI certification level according to the needs of each student. The Performance Edge principles and techniques in the YPE book will be explored in

greater depth, emphasizing how to deliver each of these techniques effectively to clients to promote better performance, health, satisfaction, and faster recovery. You’ll learn the YPE method which can be adapted to your own coaching style for your particular client population.

Introduction to The Your Performance Edge Method

Performance Edge Model of Coaching

Ethics and Professional Standards

Performance Edge Assessments

Performance Edge Tools and Resources

Building and Marketing your Successful Practice

Attracting a Consistent Flow of High Quality, Well-paying clients to your business

Creating the Healthy, Well-Balanced Lifestyle for yourself as a Professional

You will learn techniques to coach your clients with these specific areas:


Journey to Excellence

Performance Edge Principles

Creating an Inner Desire

Olympic Thinking: An Inside View


Mindfulness: Conscious Breathing and Relaxation

Positive Imagery: Visualize to Energize

Power Words: Language for Success

Visionary Goals: Tools for Motivation


Confidence Boost and Self-Image Building

Concentration: Focusing Your Energies

Belief in Yourself: Managing Your Inner Critic

Secrets from top CEO’s and Olympians


Understanding Performance Anxiety

Dealing with Pain and Negative Energy

Embracing the Challenge: Putting it All Together

Lessons in Excellence: Losing and Learning

Preventing Performance Slumps, Injuries, & Burnout


Listening to the Wisdom of the Body

Healing Mental and Physical Wounds

Managing Difficult Emotions

Active Women: Body Image and Weight Issues


Creating Balance in Your Life

Nutrition for Optimal Performance

Attitude Adjustment in the Aging Process

Putting Performance in Perspective: Positive Coaching

Fitness and Sports as a Metaphor for Life

What will I walk away with?

  • Identify challenges affecting an athlete’s performance
  • Communicate effectively with athletes by asking the right questions
  • Administer and interpret athlete assessments
  • Determine strengths and weaknesses of athletes
  • Develop a Performance Edge coaching plan for individual athletes and teams
  • Deliver one-hour seminars to teams on achieving peak performance
  • Integrate Performance Edge skills into an athlete’s regular training routine

Why should you work with Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter?

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter, is CEO of Performing Edge Coaching International Association, (http://www.PerformingEdgeCoach.com) a global resource and Certification Training Program for sports psychology coaches, and founder of http://www.DrJoAnn.com the premiere sports psychology resource for athletes, coaches and sports parents. Dr. JoAnn, has 5 Olympic Gold Medalist clients, competing in the last 5 Olympic Games, and is author of several books including the #1 national bestsellers “Olympic Thinking,” and “Sports Psychology Coaching for Your Performing Edge” (http://www.drjoann.com/products/book/) She has appeared on OPRAH, and NBC-TV, she’s a Stanford Performance Consultant, sports psychologist to OLYMPIC Gold Medalists and CEOs, and professional teams, and winner of the San Francisco Marathon and 2nd in the World Championship Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. She is Host of the internationally syndicated TV Show – “Your Performing Edge”, an internationally recognized Olympic Keynote Speaker, columnist, and TV expert commentator. Dr. JoAnn provides performance psychology, corporate training, and Performing Edge Coach Certification programs for CEO’s, coaches, sports parents and athletes to reach their highest potential in sports, business and life.

What are the Options & Fees?

Contact us for special EARLY BIRD PRICING

  • Teleclass Elite Group Certification Program: EarlyBird Discount Deadline – Soon Course begins soon Normal Course Price $3,000.00 – EARLYBIRD Price now available – Single payment of $1197.00 or 3 monthly payments of $447 or

* Ask about our Payment Plan.

This is the most affordable this course will ever be.

* Price for this course will increase substantially soon.

  • Get started now! Complete your application (see below) and submit your information to: info @ drjoann.com

Is there a Guarantee?

  • Our program has 100% money back guarantee up through the first 2 modules. Just let us know if you have questions by the second week. We want to make sure you are well-trained and successful. We stand behind our program and will do everything possible to help you achieve your goals.

For questions or support or to apply – Contact our Office: and Fill out our Application Below (no fee to apply)

Performing Edge Coaching International Association

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter – Sports Psychology Expert and Performance Coach

Author of Your Performing Edge


Telephone: (650) 654-5500

Email: info@sports-psych.com

Performing Edge Coaching International Association

3341 Brittan Ave., Suite #10

San Carlos, CA 94070


Early Bird Discount Deadline will end soon – apply now!

You’ll receive an interview and free strategy session by phone.

Have questions?

Click here to email me directly.

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Connect with Dr. JoAnn (me!)